11 September 2017 11 September 2017
Monday 11 September 2017 '11 September 2017'

Everyone remembers where they were on this day.  I was working at 2nd LAAD Bn on Cherry point, and by that night, we were packed and ready to go wherever we were sent, to defend our country.   Today’s workout is in remembrance of that day, and the 343 firefighters and rescue personnel that lost their lives to rescue those they had never even met.
“Always remember, Never forget.  Live a life worthy of their sacrifice.”

1. Warm-up
2001m row

2A. Strength
EOMOM for 9 min
Back Squat 5 @77.5%

3. Conditioning
AMRAP 11 Minutes
3 cleans 155/105lbs
4 Bar Muscle Ups/chest to bar pullups
3 ring dips

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