16 September 2016 16 September 2016
Friday 16 September 2016 '16 September 2016'

burn-spartanSometimes the things we don’t want to do, are the things we need the most.

1. Warm-up *(done before class)*
Floss Shoulders, Smash Triceps and Lats
7 Minute row/bike
Start slow and build to fast :60 finish

2. Strength
Find 1RM Low hang Clean + Jerk
If the Jerk is the limiting factor, continue without it

3. 5k run for L2 and L1
Base-1 mile run

Due to time constraints for the class, a 10k run plus lifting is not possible.
If you would like to do the 10k run, record your 5k run for the whiteboard and continue on your own with the next 5k.
Please have a watch, as we will be using the clock for the next class
Note: 0530 class will end at 0630, no exceptions!

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