17 February 2016 17 February 2016
Wednesday 17 February 2016 '17 February 2016'

Another day to PR!
On ramp tonight at 630!  Please make sure you are signed up.
Nutrition class thursday at 630pm after Yoga!  Free to unlimited members.
Judges meeting Friday at 630pm for anyone willing to help judge throughout the open!
If you have not signed up, go here and do it!
Closed Saturday.  Come to CrossFit Tier One for Low-T, the all ladies competition!

1. Warm-up
Weakness warm-up:
Row 2k

2. Lift
‘MisFit Front Squat Test’
Every 30 seconds until failure: 1 front squat
Men start at 225 and increase 10lbs each interval, ladies 175lbs adding 5lbs. Hopefully you have someone around to take care of the weights for you.

3. Met-Con refer back to your logbook and use the same scale you used for the test
AMRAP 7 minutes – Climb the ladder
3 Clean and jerk 135/95lbs 95/65 75/55
3 Toes to bar/knee ups /abmat situps
6 Clean and jerk 135/95lbs
6 Toes to bar
9 Clean and jerk 135/95lbs
9 Toes to bar

4. Extra
Assault Bike calories
Kipping HSPU – 2015 Open standard


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