19 August 2016 19 September 2016
Monday 19 September 2016 '19 August 2016'

557366_307441682734145_26334007_n1. Warm-up Done before class!
5 Steady Rounds:
100m run
10 Banded Glute Activation Steps per side
5 “Tall” Box Jumps, NO BOUNDING

2. OLY
“OLY Total”
Three attempts at a 1RM Snatch
Three attempts at a 1RM Clean and Jerk
*Treat this like an OLY competition. Warm up all you want beforehand in the background and in between but have a judge watch three reps and three reps only. Whatever you hit in practice is irrelevant. Your heaviest weight during the three attempts of each is what counts. Score is Snatch+C&J

3. Met-Con
For Time
2k row/1k row
120 Double Unders/ 120 singles
60 CTB Pull Ups/pullups/ ring rows

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