2 August 2016 2 September 2016
Friday 2 September 2016 '2 August 2016'

Madi1. Warm-up
Floss Hips:
5 Minute Steady AMRAP
10 Alternating Pistols/ pistols to a bench
Bike/row 20 Calories
1 Legless Rope Climb/ 3 pullups/ 5 ring rows

2. Strength
Back Squat – 3×3 @92.5%
Two common mistakes when attacking high percentage squat work: not warming up properly/enough and not being mentally ready prior to unracking the weight. You should be good and sweaty the first time you touch an empty bar, and should never take jumps that feel heavy. As far as the mental side goes, just make a commitment to focus on all nine reps and they will all be successful.

3. WOD
Before the Row complete a 5:00 jog, gradually upping the pace until the finish. Let heart rate come all the way back down before starting the Row
Row/bike/run 35 Minutes for Distance
Must keep heart rate BPM below 180 minus your age

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