2 March 2016 2 March 2016
Wednesday 2 March 2016 '2 March 2016'


(Photo credit: Rudy Cruz)


4×4 T&G Deadlifts

Work up to a heavy, but not maximal, solid 4 reps


3 Rounds
30 Double-unders/60 single unders
15 Toes to bar/knee-ups/sit-ups
10 Bench press – L2: 155/105, L1: 135/85, B: 95/45
Rest 2 minutes between rounds


2016 Open Week 2 – Active Rest Day

1. Specific Mobility Session
If you’ve been to a training camp you know how we feel about the use of voodoo floss. Grab a partner and spend 15-20 minutes each moving through areas that are generally tight or bothering you. Remember that to ensure you’re breaking tissue up you need to work through a range of motion that is currently bothered by the joint you are flossing. That means pressing, squatting, push-ups, kipping, etc. Also remember to relax. You won’t regret it.

2. The Flush
Hop on that bike, rower, track (walking), and settle in for at least 40 minutes. Clear the waste.
If you’re a nerd you can get that heart rate monitor out and stick around 100-120bpm.

3. 40+ Minute ROMWOD
This is just as much about settling the mind down for recovery as it is stretching. Commit to both and reap the benefits. Feel free to choose the longer one that suits you best.

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