20 April 2013

This will be the most fun you’ve had in a while – COME TO THIS CLASS!!!

Skill: 3 rounds of 2 attempts to throw a Slam-Ball as far as possible behind-the-head! (Think reverse caber toss!) Accomplished OUTSIDE unless its raining, and then please be careful of the lights! 🙂


20 minute Partner AMRAP:
P1 – Handstand Hold (Any variant, so long as your hands are closer to the ground than you head, and your head is closer to the ground than everything else!)
P2 – KB Swings, where the total math of (number of swings x KB Weight) equals 3x BW (Round Up!)
Every time you switch, you must *together* complete a number of burpees equal to the number of swings it took.
*Example: Kyle weighs 195#s. 195×3=585. If Kyle Swings a 2 pood KB (70#) then it will take him 585/70, or 9 swings (8.35 rounded to 9). Then the partners must complete a total of 9 burpees, and then switch. If Kyle had swung a 1.5 pood KB, he would have had to swing 585/53, or 12 swings (11.03 rounded to 12). and then partners would have to compete 12 burpees. If Kyle had only swung a .5 pood KB (18#), he would have had to do 33 swings and burpees!! Embrace the heavy KB!
*Score is Rounds complete + % of weight competed to the next round.
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