24 December 2015 24 December 2015
Thursday 24 December 2015 '24 December 2015'

740925_190770821067899_1615110962_o**Classes for today are 9,10,and 11 only!!

CrossFit Burn’s
“12 Days of Christmas”

Work out will be done just like you sing the song.   We will do a quick warm up, then roll with the workout.  There is a 45 minute cap, and everything is scalable.  numbers 4-8 will be pick your own weight.

1.  100m run
2.  Muscle ups or ring dips
3.  Handstand push ups or pike push ups
4.  Jerks
5.  Power cleans
6.  Deadlifts
7.  Kettlebell swings
8.  Push ups
9.  Air squats
10.Pullups or ring rows
11. Double unders
12. Burpees!

Merry Christmas.

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