5 February 2016 5 February 2016
Friday 5 February 2016 '5 February 2016'


1. Warm-up (Done before class)
Weakness warm-up:
Run/Row 2k – 1.5k – 1k
The weakness warm-up is a staple of in season training with MisFit Athletics. Go at a nice comfortable pace for 3/4 of it and if you feel great, bring it home. If you feel like you’re going to die, keep cruising. Getting easier mentally yet? If so, you’re moving closer and closer to taking control of the emotional side that plays such a huge factor in our sport.

2. OLY
EMOM 5 minutes
5 Touch and go squat clean
Start in the neighborhood of 65-70% of your clean max and work up if you can. Improve on week 2 weights and/or movement efficiency.

3a. Met-Con
AMRAP 7 minutes
5 Squat snatch 135/95lbs – 115/80lbs – 95/65lbs
10 HSPU – HSPU off a bench – push-ups

Ask the Coach on the floor before proceeding

4. Interval Work
5 Rounds
Row 500/400m
21 Back squat 135/95lbs
3 Legless rope climbs
Rest 2 minutes

Then, depending on your weaknesses, choose ONE of the following:

5a. Strength
Work up to a heavy set of 5 Push Jerk from the floor.
30 Push Jerks for time in unbroken sets of 5 @80% of the weight you worked up to.
All sets taken from the ground. Push yourself in the initial lifting portion so that the weight is tough during the 30 reps.
Heavier and faster than week 1.

5b. Extra Work
Assault Bike calories
Bar facing burpees

5c. Partner Gymnastics
With a partner switching anytime:
20 Rounds
8 Unbroken CTB pull-ups

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