6 February 2016 6 February 2016
Saturday 6 February 2016 '6 February 2016'

6872_10205882609524480_6976024314045332491_n“This past weekend I thought I would get out of my comfort zone and head over to Crystal Coast Strength and Conditioning Strong Man Competition at CrossFit Emerald Isle.  I consider myself a moderately strong woman, so I thought I would give it a shot.  The categories were split up in to male or female and you were placed in heavy weight (145 and over) or lightweight (less than 145) for females.  I competed along the big brassy broads in the heavy weight division! Event 1: 1 Minute AMRAP Atlas Stone over the shoulder in one minute: 45lb stone 1pt, 75lb stone 2 pts, 175lb stone 3pts, and 200lb stone 5 pts.  I have touched an atlas stone 3 times in my life, one of them being a week before with Coach Steve.  He didn’t tell me the hardest part was picking your stone up after you drop in into mud. I finished with an event record for the females with 17 reps with the 75lb stone total points: 34 Event 2: 1 Minute AMRAP ground to overhead with “the log” at 85 pounds for heavy weight females The log itself weighs 65 pounds and we had 5 minutes for all athletes to try it once with no weight on it. I could not even get one rep when I tried to sort of clean and jerk it. Rather than freak out, I figured I would try what I knew how to do.  Tight core, squeeze my lats, and use my hips (The hand positioning was so between my snatch and clean grip so I had to bend my arms to get it in my pocket). I managed 15 reps of some odd variation of a snatch and another event record! Event 3: 3 attempts at a 1 Rep Max ROLLING THUNDER This was another new one for me! It is a one hand deadlift with a thick handle (thicker than an axle bar) attached to a stack of plates. It tests grip/finger strength. Your fingers do not fit all the way around the handle… not even close. I hit my 1st attempt at 55, 2nd attempt at 70, then I asked for 100, but they gave me 90. They said there was no way I would get 100. I hit 90lbs and then they threw 100lbs on for fun and that was easy too. Having big hands is good for something! Event record #3 and as far as strongman goes my numbers are turning out to be very competitive, from what they said. Event 4: Pull a Jeep 100 Ft(ish) for time This was FUN! I practiced some heavy sled pulls with Steve 2 weeks prior and that gave me a BIG confidence boost going into this workout. I got low and cycled my feet as fast as I could in short choppy steps. I pulled it in 17 seconds, 3 or more seconds faster than anyone else. Event record #4! They asked if I wanted to pull the truck, I politely declined J Event 5: 3 attempts at a 1RM Deadlift (auction style no sumo) I opened at #305, 2nd lift at #325 (at my second lift I had already won the event), and I went with #345 for my last lift. My back was not feeling great from the events earlier in the day, so I decided not to pull #345 since it was not going to be anywhere in the neighborhood of a PR. I am glad that I got out of my bubble to try something different! The skills, lifts, and drills we do every day at CrossFit translate into so many things! When you don’t know what to do, do what you know! It was fun, I ended up first overall for the ladies, and I made some new friends.”

Kristen Bonitto
CrossFit Burn athlete

1. Warm-up (with class)
SLOW 10 minute AMRAP
Row 500m
15 Light front squats
10 Strict push-ups

2. Strength
Touch and go deadlift – 1×6@70% 1×5@80% 1×4@90% 1×1@102.5%
Obviously the single is a PR attempt. IF and only if you have not gone for one so far this cycle, you get one chance only at 102.5%. If you already PR’d, hit a single in the 95% range. With the open around the corner we are looking for a tiny PR and the focus right back to conditioning.

3. Met-Con
AMRAP 5 minutes
Squat clean and jerk 165/110lbs

Extra, depending on your weaknesses, choose TWO of the following:

4-5a. Interval Work
EMOM until failure – Both movements in the same minute – 15 minute cap
6 Strict HSPU
12 OHS 95/65lbs

5 Rounds
10 GHD sit-ups
10 Burpee box jump-overs 24/20″
Rest 30 seconds

4-5c. Partner Gymnastics
AMRAP 12 minutes – Switch anytime
Unbroken sets of 5/4 muscle-ups

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