A History of CrossFit Burn

The story of CrossFit Burn begins with the story of CrossFit Cherry Point. Started in 2006 by Christian ‘Mac’ Ward, CFCP literally wrote the book article on establishing Military Non-Profit CrossFit Affiliates – A Nonprofit Affiliate in a Military Context – The Case of CrossFit Cherry Point . CFCP grew to be the benchmark for military gyms, and was later run and managed by patriot-athletes David Joseforsky, Christi & Markum King, Dan George, and Isaiah Ybarra, just to name a few. CFCP was a home away from home for hundreds of athletes, and it is where Kyle and Steve first met.

CrossFit Cherry Point

CFCP in its glory days – Memorial Day Murph

Early in 2012, a small-but-vocal part of Marine Corps fitness politics, MCCS, began the process of shutting down CFCP. While working out in Kyle’s Garage, Steve joked that we should open our own gym, and the rest, as they say, was history. After mountains of paperwork, blood, sweat, and tears, CrossFit Burn gained affiliation in the fall of 2012. We started with the combined contents of Steve & Kyle’s home gyms – 2 bars, 1 rower, some old plates, and some kettlebells. By the end of the first month, we had 30 members paying to get coached in a Garage and using Kyle’s toilet. It was the best of times!

CrossFit Burn Garage

Old-School CrossFit. That woman on the left – she is stronger than you. Yes, YOU.

Within 2 months, we started looking for a larger space. We found a great old warehouse without heat, and moved in over a cold december weekend with some pickup trucks and lots of help from friends. Word spread, and we basically absorbed every coach and athlete from CFCP. Its soul lives in us.

Drilling holes in cement is hard. Seriously.

Drilling holes in cement is hard. Seriously.

By the summer of 2013 we were struggling to fit all of our athletes in the building when it rained, so we blew down a wall, and bought a lot more rubber mats. CrossFit Burn is now a 4000 sq/ft mecca of fitness in eastern North Carolina. Our coaches are dedicated, our athletes are proficient, and our fun-factor is high!

We think that CFCP would be proud.

Come visit our box – we want to share our home with every member of the community that wants to change their life through fitness.

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