Catherine’s Story 21 September 2016
Wednesday 21 September 2016 'Catherine’s Story'

catherineI had always been a consistent “exerciser” until about 15 years ago when I spent so much time on the road with my 5 children playing sports and my going back to school in Connecticut on weekends, that I lost my good habit.  I did most everything out there over the years..from Jane Fonda to step aerobics to circuit name it.  i thought I was in good shape…but little did I know….

My daughter Charlotte Goins, a crossfit freak and coach, convinced me to go with her to Crossfit Burn.  It was painful…everyone was so young and fit, but I was determined.  I started in November, and really got serious around January.  I felt better immediately, but around March, I began to notice a real change in how I looked…FIT and with shapely arms!!

Never…ever…have I been able to develop any definition until now…at age 66.

Thanks so much to Steve and all the fabulous coaches and athletes who accepted me without judgement, and made me feel like I belonged in a place where everyone is young enough to be my child, and most could be my grandchildren!!

my most hated and favorite time of the day….Crossfit Burn “meet me at the whiteboard”

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