Eric and Jen! 15 October 2016
Friday 14 October 2016 'Eric and Jen!'

jenandericA year and a half ago I was inspired when we ran across Crossfit videos on You Tube, and I hoped that it would not result in the same ending as the other forms of exercise I have tried in the past. P90X, Insanity and even training for a sprint triathlon were all great, but when I reached my goals with each one then I somehow found that comfy seat on my couch again.

Then on Super Bowl Sunday 2014, everything in our lives was about to change. God opened the doors for us to adopt our son Avery, which proved to be one of the hardest emotional battles I have ever been faced with. Through the long days of driving to Florida (eating fast food) every weekend, the full time efforts of a crash course in law (I am not an attorney), and the emotions of bonding with a 7 year old boy who desperately needed a family who loved him, it took a serious toll on our weight and fitness and energy. Eric and I knew that once this fight was over, we had to take on a new one…getting back into shape so we would be able to keep up with our new child as he grew!

It is very difficult to start anything new that results in daily pain, frustration and lack of knowledge with movement patterns. But, like the past we had set a goal to try it for 6 months. Since joining I have lost over 50 pounds and maintained it. I started with the goal of losing weight and found so much more! A family who will challenge me every day that I walk through the door, confidence in myself, coaches who track my progress and know how to adjust my form so that I can to do more, nutrition classes, strength building like I never imagined, finding a deeply rooted competitive streak, and most of all a passion for fitness that is becoming infectious in my circle of influence!

Crossfit Burn is a more than just a gym. The coach’s provide amazing support for each athlete, they believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself! Staying physically fit is a lifelong commitment for our entire family now. Thank you Cross Fit Burn for what you have done to change our lives!

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