Mark’s CrossFit experience so far 6 December 2015
Sunday 6 December 2015 'Mark’s CrossFit experience so far'

Mark“Coach Steve,

It’s Thanksgiving, the time of year when we all think about the many things we are thankful for and I wanted to share with you and the whole team one thing that is very dear to my heart and I am very thankful for.

On July 31st, after emailing Isaiah several times and hoping he would say I was too old, I came to Crossfit Burn. I was tired, flabby and was struggling to even bend down and tie my shoes. I knew I needed a change or my health was going to increasingly get worse. I soon found out that Crossfit was tough but rewarding. I was so sore after the WOD’s I could hardly crawl to my car but I couldn’t wait for the next day to do it again. Crossfit Burn has helped me tremdously to improve my conditioning, strength, stamina, stress and I have reduced my weight by 34 pounds in 4 months.

I came to Crossfit Burn with many bad strength training habits. I appreciate all the coaches time and patience in helping me to learn the lifts correctly and encouraging me put my ego away (too much weight) and use the proper form….and also much appreciation to Beckyoga. She had helped me so much with my lack of mobility issues. Also I can’t thank each member enough for all the encouragement you have given me. I’ve never been associated with such a great group of people. It really is a big family!!!

Thanks again Crossfit Burn for giving me the best OCD – OBSESSIVE CROSSFIT DISORDER!!!”

Mark Dorsett

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