MS Fundraiser next weekend at CrossFit Burn!

Attention Burn athletes! Our MS Fundraiser WOD will start at 10am on Saturday the 29th. We will announce the WOD Friday night. We will be running heats until everyone gets through. All are invited! Free to all, but donations are highly encouraged! We will be accepting donations and we will also be having a raffle – you won’t want to miss this one! We will also have some coffee and fruit to prep/recover with! We hope to see you all there! Below is an awesome profile of one of our own, our inspiration for this event:

Come WOD with us to support Multiple Sclerosis Awareness (MSAA) Month!

Throughout March, MSAA encourages individuals to expand their knowledge, understanding, and support of individuals whose lives are affected by multiple sclerosis (MS). Come show your support and learn a bit more from our very own Nikki Sawyer!

How did you come to do this thing we love called Crossfit?
My husband is a firefighter and does Crossfit and always talked about how he loved it. He encouraged me to try it after I needed to re-focus my energy. I had an event in my life that made me look at my health. I decided I wanted to be the healthiest I could possibly be; body, mind, and spirit.

How has it changed your life?

The physical benefits of Crossfit are immense, I have more energy and more strength. I have realized that I can do anything if I push myself hard enough. In addition to the physical benefits I am more positive in my life, and I have a way to sweat out all the frustrations of a bad day.

What kind of measurable results have you seen?

When I first started I could only lift the bar, now I am adding weights to complete my workouts. My clothes fit better, my balance is better, I sleep better, their is not a part of my life that Crossfit has not had a positive impact on.

Why do you love it or what is your favorite thing about Crossfit?

I love EVERYTHING about Crossfit! But mostly I love the people. Every athlete is encouraging and the cheers that are heard after a hard workout are amazing. I live for the sweaty fist-bump at the end of workouts.

What do you struggle with?

I struggle with myself because I know that I am not able to do everything. I have suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for 9 years and some days are great and others its a struggle the entire time. But the beauty is that I do not quit, even though everyone would understand if I did. Instead you keep going minutes after everyone else has finished their workout. You hear them clapping, yelling your name, encouraging you, and you don’t want to give up.

How are you planning to overcome this weakness?

The great thing about Crossfit is everything is scalable. I may not be able to run but I can row. I may not be able to do box jumps, but I can step up. I never am made to feel like I am less of an athlete. I am a strong fighter and I will never stop. Nothing is impossible to overcome.

I have never been a couch potato, but have not been a star athlete of any kind. I have always tried to stay active and try new things, but because of some physical limitations I felt like I was stuck in the same elliptical, weight machine routine. Since starting Crossfit I am in the best shape I have ever been. I may not be 18 anymore but 30 is not looking too bad. I cant wait to see what the future holds for my Crossfit story.


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