On-Ramp Program
At CrossFit Burn we offer a very comprehensive On-Ramp Program designed to help new athletes learn about CrossFit. If you would describe yourself as any of the following, then the CrossFit Burn On-Ramp Program is right for you, and you MUST COMPLETE THE ON-RAMP before joining in normal classes:

-You are starting your first fitness program.
-You are just starting a fitness program after a long period of inactivity.
-You exercise regularly, but have no previous CrossFit Experience.
-You have previous CrossFit Experience, but have taken at least 6 months off.
-You CrossFit on your own regularly, but you do so without a coach.
-You want to gain a thorough understanding of CrossFit fundamentals.

Our On-Ramp Program starts with a one-hour ‘Intro Class’ offered during any of our normal classes. This class will allow you to get a taste of what we offer at CrossFit Burn. After this class, we will get you one-on-one with a coach to teach you the three foundation exercises in CrossFit – the squat, the deadlift, and the press. Please CONTACT US to schedule your Free Intro Class!
The weekly On-Ramp Program is designed to be taught as 5 separate 1-hour classes. Our coaches will work with your schedule and our class schedule to fit these classes in for each member.
Our On-Ramp classes are offered on an individual basis. Please CONTACT A COACH at the gym after your intro class for more information.
Life happens, and missing a class is a reality that some of our athletes face. We want our On-Ramp athletes to be completely comfortable with *all* of the movements before graduating to the daily WODs. We will work with you on times and we are very flexible towards your schedule!
The On-Ramp is FREE with a monthly membership at CrossFit Burn. Please check out our Programs and Membership page to find the membership that is right for you!
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