The Smith Family 27 October 2016
Thursday 27 October 2016 'The Smith Family'

14448808_10154323648141858_5773920005389807144_nA Couple’s Story


Four years ago, across from our house there opened a little garage gym filled with very strong men and women. One day Kyle came over and said “Scott & Linda we are opening a gym called CrossFit & you need to try this thing!  After peering out our kitchen window watching all these strong men & women each night was a little intimidating, but exciting at the same time. Can we really do this thing called CrossFit? At that time, we were going to a local fitness center, running/walking on the treadmill acting as if we really worked out. Kyle spoke to us few more times before we agreed and really viewed the way and direction we were headed physically. We were getting close to our 50’s, overweight, slow, no muscle tone, and unhappy, so we decided to start our CrossFit journey! And what an incredible journey it has been! Physically and emotionally! We have actually walked into a wonderful family at CrossFit Burn! Not only did it change our lives physically, but we became family to a wonderful group of incredible people! Even our children Kaila & Karly are CrossFitters!


Agreeing to try CrossFit was one of the “Best” decision we as a couple have ever made! It was hard in the beginning and we remember lying in bed, sore from head to toe asking ourselves Why? But encouraging each other to press on! We truly believe that having Elite coaches, Kyle, Steve, Joe, Angela, Adam, Kate, Isaiah, Nic, Bryan, Nancy, Annette, Oscar, Christina, Toni, along with the athletes who took the time to encourage and make us believe we can do it, is what has made our love for CrossFit so passionate.  Our memories of starting out in the “garage” is forever in our minds and the best times of our lives. We are grateful & humbled to be part of an extremely gifted group of people. Happy 4th Anniversary CrossFit Burn! Thank you for 4 incredible years!


Scott & Linda Smith

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