What is CrossFit?

Put in very simple terms, CrossFit is a fitness program that provides constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity. We can’t put it any better than CrossFit Headquarters does, so we encourage you to watch the video and read the following links:

What is CrossFit?Foundations and Methodologies

Welcome To CrossFit Burn

Who We Are

Our staff of dedicated Coaches will help you reach your fitness goals! We tap into years of experience teaching group classes and private sessions to deliver World-Class Fitness to everyone who walks into our gym. From competitive athletes to working moms, and everything in between, we can make you better prepared to handle life’s known and unknowable challenges. No miracles, just hard work and lasting results!

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What We Offer You

We are located on the eastern edge of New Bern, North Carolina, and offer a range of Membership Options to fit just about any Schedule. No frills and nothing fancy – just the knowledge, motivation, and a full range of equipment that will help turn you into a fit and healthy athlete! With CrossFit Burn, we will fuel your fire to reach your goals and be better at life!

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How To Get Started

Getting started at CrossFit Burn is easy! Just take a look at our tips for First-Time Athletes, and then peek in at our Class Times – we offer morning and evening classes daily. Then decide on a Membership Option that is perfect for your lifestyle, and Contact Us to get started! It will take less than 5 minutes, and will have you on your way to becoming strong, fit, and healthy!

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Our Recommended Membership Options
We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover Credit Cards, EFT bank account withdrawals, and cash payments. All payments are due, and will be automatically billed or withdrawn on the first of the month – no exceptions!
If you wish to cancel your membership, we require notification via Email at least 5 days in advance of the 1st of the month! If you do not contact us before the 1st of the month, we will NOT issue a refund!
Recent WODs
Wednesday 7 December 2016 7 December 2016

1. Warm-up
3 Rounds:
10 Dumbbell Push Press
15 Calorie Row

2. Strength
Push Jerk – 5×4 @ 7…

Tuesday 6 December 2016 6 December 2016

Please welcome Coach Kyle to the CrossFit Burn coaching staff!
CF-L1(Jan 2013) CF Powerlifting (…

Monday 5 December 2016 5 December 2016

1. Warm-up
4 Rounds:
100m run
15 Push-Ups

2. Strength
Back Squat- 5×5 @ 90% of your 5RM.

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